Nelly Jermolicka
sworn auditor, certificate no.102,
certified tax consultant (certificate no.17)
Chairman of the Board of the "Auditor Company “Finansists”" Since 1996
• Services of sworn auditors for state and municipal institutions and companies, other companies,
• Accounting Services,
• tax advice and training,
• Audit of projects funded by the European Union (PHARE, SAPARD, ERAF, ESF etc.)
Svetlana Horolska
sworn auditor, certificate no.169,
Member of the Board of the "Auditor Company “Finansists”"
• Sworn auditor's services for businesses,
• Audits of projects financed by the European Union.
Svetlana Skvorcova
managing director
• Company auditing
• Accounting.
Aleksandrs Horolskis
sworn auditor assistant, chief accountant
• Company auditing
• Accounting.


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